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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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san francisco police update the condition of one of their own shot and wounded in the line of duty. >> another wet and windy storm is coming on shore right now. how bad will it get? mark tamayo has the answer. good evening everyone. i'm ross palombo. >> we begin tonight with the san francisco police officer shot last night. we are learning he is on the mend but it will be a long road to recovery. today san francisco's interim chief said the suspect was also shot and is in custody. ktvu easley martinez joins us with more details on the condition of the officer. lee. >> reporter: the interim police chief says the officer is lucky to be alive, but that gunshot wound to his head is much worse than previously believed. he's still facing very
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difficult recovery. san francisco police are pulling for one of their own to recover from a critical gunshot wound to the head. police have not named the officer but sources have identified him as officer kevin downes. he's been on the force for two years. >> i know there's been a lot of reports about this being mere graze wound. it was a lot more than that. one centimeter down, and this may have been a fatality. >> reporter: saturday, the interim police chief said the injured officer was shot in the head. the bullet traveled along the upper portion of his skull and fragmented. the officer is conscious but still critical and has partial body paralysis because of the injury. on friday night downes and another officer came to the lakeshore shopping center after security reported an erratic man was threatening people. security pointed out the suspect and the officers approached him. >> the officers noted he had a firearm, and before they knew
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it the suspect fired on them. >> during this time the suspect emerged from the bushes locate on 28th avenue and attempted to flee. several officers chased the suspect and it became an officer involved shooting. >> reporter: the suspect was shot but continued to hold the gun to his chest as he lay on the ground. >> they did everything they could to make sure that at least the subject had a fighting chance. >> reporter: police haven't said if the suspect suffers from mental illness but the shooting comes days after chaplain sent a letter out to the force stating in that the past five years sfpd has had 20,000 encounters with people in the throes of a mental health crisis. both the officer and the suspect are being treated at san francisco general hospital. the suspect's name has not been released. chief chaplain says he was shot last night but did not provide any further detail on his injury. he is currently listed in critical condition according to
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police. >> the san francisco mayor ed lee said last night i received one of those calls that as a may our never want to receive, the phone call that tells awe police officer has been shot in the line of duty. my thoughts remain with the officer and his family. now to the weather. a live look outside right now. it's all coming ashore right now. dark and dreary out there. we're expecting at least as much rain as yesterday. meteorologist mark tamayo has all the details. mark. >> rainfall rates started pick up this afternoon in the north bay. that rain line is spreading to the south. in fact, here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. you will see the flag getting a bit of a workout here. we have a wind advisory unplace for the coast. winds could be gusting to 45 miles per hour. the next system coming on board right now as you can see the action moving practice in the north. we'll come in really tight on the bay area radar and show you this. the coverage up towards santa
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rose sacks, petaluma, novato, up into sonoma county heavy rain. coming in closer to american canyon and nap pennsylvania. we'll talk about this. a quarter of an inch an hour. does go up to half an inch an hour. this is more than just a few sprinkles. still moderate to heavy rain. the coverage has been expanding over san francisco, oakland, walnut creek. rainfall rate there .06 but still some steady heavier downpours for this portion of the region. south bay still dry but that will be changing. right now here's the cut-off line with the rainfall approaching redwood city. we have the wet weather, redwood city rainfall coming on board as well. wind speeds as i mentioned, a wind advisory in place, winds gusting to over 20 miles per hour, approaching 30 miles per hour. that's southerly wind. so wind advisory in place right now across the coastal spots and also for the higher elevations. rainfall totals this is as of
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5:00 p.m. so these numbers have probably changed a bit over the past hour. you get the idea these numbers really adding up significant rainfall he is special up towards ukiah, heavy rain reports there. santa rosa and san rafael getting moderate to -- at least moderate downpours. more rain in the forecast as we head into the second half of your weekend. more on that in just a few minutes. >> mark, thanks so much. a high-speed chase overnight ended in a deadly crash. the highway patrol tried to pull over a speeding car just after midnight on interstate 580. the car exited in san leandro. that's when the driver apparently lost control of the car and slammed into a valero gas station on grand avenue. the driver barely missed the gas pumps and plowed into the store. he died in the crash. no one else was hurt. a petaluma man is hospitalized in critical condition after being hit by a car last night. the accident happened around 7:45 p.m. on lakeville drive.
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investigators say a 23-year-old man was walking west in the bike lane when he was struck by a person driving a volkswagen. the man was taken to santa rosa memorial hospital with major head injuries. the volkswagen's driver is cooperating with investigators would say alcohol does not seem to be a factor in the accident. demolition teams imploded another underwater pier from the old eastern span of the bay bridge. it disappeared seconds after explosives went off. the highway patrol held up traffic on the bridge to keep drivers safe. caltrans says they used 8,000 pounds of explosives in this blast. the next implosion is set to take down pier e-4 using 12,000 pounds of explosives in just two weeks. in the race for the white house donald trump sun leashing a new attack on hillary clinton. this time he's suggesting that clinton was using drugs. all this comes as trump is weathering a new round of sex
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sexual assault allegations. >> reporter: donald trump began a new push suggesting that the presidential election is rigged against him. the republican tweeting, this election is being rigged by the media pushing false and unsubstantiated charges and outright lies in order to elect crooked hillary. trump also denied new allegations from women accusing him of sexual assault claiming the allegations are part of a conspiracy by the clinton campaign and media outlets saying, quote, 100% fabricated and made-up charges pushed strongly by the media and the clinton campaign may poison the minds of the american voter. fix! trump made a new attack on hillary inferring she was on drugs during the last debate. >> she's getting pumped up for wednesday night. i don't know what's going on with her. but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped
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up at the beginning, and at the end it was like, oh, take me down. so i think we should take a drug test. >> hillary clinton meantime is taking the day off from the campaign trail but speaking in seattle friday clinton reiterated her distaste for the republican candidate. >> i take no satisfaction in seeing what trump does and says, because it hurts me and it hurts our country. >> the election is less than a month away with the next debate taking place at the university of nevada in las vegas on october 19th. in las vegas, jennifer griffin, fox news. >> three affordable housing projects in oakland are being awarded almost $50 million in state grants. the project are being built near the coul same bart station on 14th and harrison and in the lake merritt area. the project will get more than $14 million. the project on 14th and harrison will receive more than
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$16 million. and the lake merritt project will receive more than $18 million. the money was awarded under a program that promotes sustainable land use. if you still have a galaxy note 7 don't expect to be flying with it. it is banned on flights. if anyone tries to board a plane with a galaxy note 7 the phones may be confiscated and passengers could be fined. two tire makers have issued recall affecting 255,000 vehicles across the country. giti says it will replace several tires because of a defect that causes cracks in the side walls. conlt known tal is recalling tires made in may of last year that were installed on almost 15,000 general motors trucks
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and suvs. today bart put one of its new train cars on display. dozens came to seat. the new cars will have newly designed doors for a quieter ride, more comfortable seating and digital screens. many say they liked what they saw. >> now this is great. it looks like more spacious room. it's great. the new smell, it's awesome. >> you can seat between 11:00 and 4:00. bart plans to put 775 new cairns service during the next five years. well, coming up, dozens are killed in a suicide bombing in iraq. also ahead, details on a horrific crash where a pickup truck careened off a bridge. believe it or not the holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and this year is going to be a
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little different.
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35 people are dead, more than 60 hurt after a suicide bombing in iraq. it happened at a funeral in baghdad killing several women and children and he will elderly people. today's attack comes as iraqi security forces are preparing to retake the northern city of mosul from isis. the islamic state group has claimed responsibility for the bombing. in syria eight people are dead after another air strike in that country, this time on a medical depot. the attack is thought to be the work of the syrian government or russian forces. a human rights organization says they targeted the center of a village and a check point of a rebel group that opposes the syrian president, bashar al- assad. in switzerland secretary of state john kerry met with
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diplomats from nine countries. kerry says new ideas are being explored but there was no agreement today on any concrete action. the cease-fire brokered by the u.s. and russia collapsed just last month. well, four people are dead and eight others injured in southern california after a pickup truck rolled off a freeway connector ramp onto a crowded park. a park is right below the roadway. san diego emergency workers say four of the injured are in critical condition including the truck's driver. the same weather system that blew through the bay area this weekend is causing major problems along the pacific northwest. this comes as the death toll rises in northern california in the wake of -- in north carolina in the wake of hurricane matthew. >> reporter: not one but two tornadoes striking oregon's coast west of portland on friday morning as the state braces for what's forecast to be brutal and dangerous weather this weekend along the pacific
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northwest. more heavy rain and strong winds. look at this. >> oh my gosh! >> reporter: an f-2 tornado with winds of at least 125 miles per hour coming ashore yesterday morning striking manzanita, oregon, along the northern coast, the twister toppling power lines, at one point leaving 15,000 residents without power, the tornado uprooting trees, damaging businesses and homes. witnesses describe hearing a freight train-like noise. luckily there were no deaths or injuries. a second twister hit about an hour south in ocean side but caused no damage. >> a friend of mine said, oh my god, look out the window, and there was a funnel cloud coming off the ocean. >> sitting there looking out the window and heard the roar, just like we see in all the footage around texas all the time. i said, oh my gosh, there's a tornado, and sought come across. >> reporter: saturday the pacific northwest will experience strong winds that could gust to 50 miles per hour
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as heavy rain threatens to bring flooding and mudslides along the i-5 corridor in washington and oregon. this as the southeast is still recovering from hurricane matthew a week after the storm, particularly north carolina. the death toll in the tar heel state rising to 26 after two more people were found submerged in their vehicles in cumberland and wayne county. most victims in north carolina were killed while driving or walking through flood waters. flood waters as high as 10 feet are receding, and the long road to recovery begins. >> there's still many, many difficult days ahead for north carolina and many of our citizens who are being impacted by this incredible hurricane that has been with us now for over 10 days. >> reporter: friday, judges in georgia and north carolina ordered the states to extend voter registration deadline in affected counties. hurricane matthew killed at least 43 people in the u.s. in
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new york, fox news. a trail of destructive wildfires burning in western nevada has prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency. the so-called little valley fire is burning in the mountains between lake tahoe and washoe valley. the fire has destroyed 22 homes and is threatening dozens more. more than three square miles of brush and timber have been burned. well, believe it or not many people are already thinking about holiday shopping, and experts say this year it looks like americans will be spending more. a new study from retail me not says more than half of all americans will spend much more this year. nearly 40% believe the best deals and offers are coming up on black friday. experts predict shoppers will buy both on-line and in stores and will buy bigger ticket items like electronics. according to our most recent retail me not survey we are finding that 61% of the population is going to be spending a little bit more this holiday season. in fact, one out of three
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people that we surveyed are going to be spending more than $200 per person, which is pretty substantial compared to 2015. >> experts say the best way to ensure an easy stress-free shopping season is to create a list of people you need to shop for, and then stick to a budget. new video emerged today of three people rescuing a driver after she drove into a poind massachusetts. >> get her out! >> a 68-year-old woman tried backing into a park spot with she hit the gas instead of the brake. that's when her car went into the pond and completely submerged. fortunately the woman made it out and good samaritans helped bring her back to shore. the woman was cold but otherwise uninjured. we have our own cold waterfalling from the sky today. >> oh yeah. meteorologist mark tamayo is here with details. >> we're talking about an
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october store. by the way, welcome to the news team. >> thank you very much. >> we're talking about rain showers. in fact, rainfall has been picking up over the past few hours. the focus earlier was up in the north bay but right now spreading to the south. you can see right now a lot of coverage on live radar. in fact, the motion of this system moving in from the north to the south. and that trend will continue. in fact, already reports of some light rain in san jose. you can see the yellows and oranges and also an update on the radar. napa for the 6:00 hour, their observation reporting heavy rainfall and coming in closer to american canyon, vallejo, and fairfield. those brighter oranges and yellows do correspond to increasing rates, up to an inch an hour. the rainfall right now, that. it is going to be changing. but there's the coverage of the north bay, basically covering all of san francisco to daly city.
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we have development out toward 680. rainfall rates will be picking up in the short term. san jose reporting some light rainfall, and the org fids rain is just to the north. this will be shifting to the south bay in the next half- hour, 45 minutes. here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. be extra careful on the roadway. the rainfall rates have been pick up here. you see that flag on the right portion of your screen. that is picking up. we do have this wind advisory for the coastal areas and also for the bay area hills. gusts can be approaching 45 miles per hour. this is in place until 2:00 a.m. sunday. a heads up. a flash flood watch posted, just to be prepared for flash flooding for tomorrow for the burn areas closer to the loma fire and the sobranes fire. three inches in the santa cruz mountains. we're picking up the bulk of it
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right now. tonight rain and wind, then another system cueing up out here for sunday. for tonight rainfall spreads to the south. for sunday, periods of rain, breezy with winds around 20 miles per hour. it is not going to be a washout all day. our forecast model shows new at 10:00 tonight, then the bulk of the action stalling over the santa cruz mountains. pretty heavy rainfall there. then sunday you will see a few scattered showers, and then by sunday night another wave moves in from the north to the south, and we are going to hold onto the possibility for a shower. showers for the raiders game tomorrow afternoon. winds will be up there southerly around 20 miles per hour. 60s to right around 70 for tomorrow afternoon. temperatures really not the big story but, of course, the rainfall will be. so get ready for tonight. it's already happening right now, guys. if you have to hit the roads be extra careful. periods of rain for sunday. a chance of a shower into monday, then we will do the
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opposite. we're going warm things back up to the 70s and 80s. two extremes. >> always a bit of everything. >> exactly. coming up rainy conditions at the napa. >> and game two just wrapped up. jason appelbaum up next to answer if the blue jays can even up the series with the indians.
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jason appelbaum joins us with sports. >> even though our team is out a lot of people still have their eyes on the championships. >> a lot of people want the cubs and the cleveland indians because they haven't been there so long. cubs are up on the dodgers, meantime cleveland now just two wins away from punching their ticket to the world series. we'll see what happens. cleveland cavaliers in the house to root for "believe- land," what they're calling it now. the indians go up 1 -0. top 3rd, francisco lindor, line
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drive single. rajai davis will come around to score. lebron is pumped up. indians win. they are now six wins away from their first world series title since 1948. the series shifts to toronto for game three on monday. rain and wind slowed down the safeway open in napa for the second straight day. didn't halt it but slowed it down. threatening skies early in the day but weather held out for most of the day. phil mickelson, great drive. a nice easy putt for eagle. three straight rounds, minus 9. johnson wagner goes to minus 13. he would get to minus 15 through 15 holes but then the rains came, they called the round. he is your leader. still work to do in the third round. weather permitting they will try and crown a champion tomorrow. raiders owner mark davis said today he plans to play at the oakland coliseum for two more years and bring a super
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bowl championship back to the bay area before moving to las vegas once the new stadium is built, presumably in time for the 2019 season. nfl owners are meeting next week to scouts in houston. college football, number nine tennessee hosting top ranked alabama. nick saban and the tide going for their 10th straight win over the vols. eddie jackson fields the punt, breaks some tackles, 79 yards for the touchdown. 11th nonoffensive touchdown for tennessee this year. the most lopsided win for them over the voinls 110 years. 49-10 is your final as bama, number one team ranked in the country, they improve to 7-0. >> all right, good stuff. thanks. >> appreciate it. >> thanks, jason. we want to take one more look at that weather system moving into the bay area. >> yeah, a lot to talk about. i've seen some video coming out
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on twitter. some pretty intense rain. that verifies nicely with radar. up in the north bay reports of heavy reign napa. fairfield, i saw some heavy rain. and then pushing to the south as well. san francisco essential covered, extending out towards the east bay. that rain line will be spreading to the south. we'll continue to keep an eye on the radar and possibly some power outages for tonight and have an update at 10:00. >> and it's all going to happen tomorrow. >> exactly. >> thanks a lot, mark. and ariana, welcome. >> good to be here.
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